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Уважаемые посетители! Доносим до вашего сведения, что модерируются и чистятся только доски внутри мета-доски /b/. Остальные доски модерируются владельцами, /0/ не модерируется никем! На этих досках удаляться будет только ЦП и автоматизированный вайп. С уважением, Администрация.

huh I can't get the locked nu-xsg thread to load.
I'll probably just have to remake the board early yet again


「Songbird? What the fuck is a songbird? Edition」

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1. Keep /xsg/ on /xsg/
2. No spamming and nothing illegal in the US
3. Please spoiler lewds
4. If modding is made to be too much work I'm shutting it down

Other than that, let's have fun and get rich trying!

Songbird? What the fuck is a songbird? Edition
Airdrops airdrops everywhere, but not a buck to trade.

Number go up has been suspended until morale improves.
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I'm just worried about what might happen if this board is left unmoderated. There's two other mods
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Why? Who cares if a dead board gets spammed.