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「Government Documents pdf thread」

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Similar to the history thread, but is focused on publications from governments and NGOs related to various interests.
7.4 MBgp_eudor_WEB_MN3011250ENC_002.pdf.en.pdf
A comic published in 2012 by the EU about a pandemic.
>Ms Chan Wenling and her friend-from-the-future are engaged in an exciting adventure to convince people to act together and save the world. While the story may be fictional, it is nevertheless intertwined with some factual information.
It's quite related to how everyone acted to Corona this year.
44 KBmindwar-michael-aquino.pdf
This author you may have heard of:
>Born in 1946, Michael Aquino was a military intelligence officer specialising in psychological warfare. In 1969 he joined Anton LaVey's Church of Satan and rose rapidly through the group's ranks.
>>305710 #
>>305710 #
That pdf is only 10 pages long but it shows his thoughts and those infect where he worked.

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