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「Round Table I」

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Art (music, epic poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture)
Forbidden history (unrecorded civilizations, Hyperborea, etc.)
Political philosophy (namely, discussion of ideal states)
Esoteric and far-right authors (Miguel Serrano, Julius Evola, Savitri Devi, Marc Augier (aka Saint-Loup), etc.)
World mythologies (Germanic, Greek, Vedic, Egyptian, etc.)
Magic (astral projection, alchemy, etc.)
Hollow Earth
Et cetera

The same year that I traveled to Antarctica, looking for the secret entrance to the Hollow Earth, Admiral Richard Byrd of North America went to the North Pole or "True North" as we put it ... The surface on the inside of the Earth has continents, seas, forests, mountains, and rivers inhabited by a superior race that moved there in ancient remote times directly related to the Hyperborean legends. Their technology is light years ahead of ours. This superior race maintains contact with selected people on the surface of the Earth.
Miguel Serrano
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Hi I like books.
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Сап, сорри за оффтоп, замутил парашу, свой маня-сычёвник, аноньчик, чекни если не впадлу:

Новая борда для сычей с минимальным набором правил, оплаченным на год вперёд хостингом и адекватной администрацией. Станьте частью новой истории: http://hikkach.xyz.
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I remember reading that Mars is roughly the size of Earth's core so that is possibly an accurate image of the size of the Inner Earth.
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Who was Serrano's master and was he (the master) full of shit?
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His name and I think a picture of his master is out there somewhere, I was trying to find it again a while ago. There isn't enough info available about him to tell anything for certain but he did come from Germany and had links with the German Embassy in Chile during WWII.
Do you think chakra locations are in the spine as commonly described or do you think they're in the organs they correspond with? It seems to me like the spine requires no special efforts to conduct energy through yet the organs seem to have nodes that are difficult to overcome and tend to absorb most of the energy I try to pass through them. Also it's fairly obvious that the crown chakra isn't at the top of the head but actually somewhat above it.

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