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「Purpose and Law」

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This board is for discussion of mythology, history, art, philosophy (including political philosophy), magic, and forbidden science (such as extremely old civilizations and Hollow Earth), especially but not exclusively from the point of view of Esoteric Hitlerism.

I. No promotion of Abrahamic religions.
II. Traditional European art only.
III. No discussion of current events.
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「Round Table I」

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Art (music, epic poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture)
Forbidden history (unrecorded civilizations, Hyperborea, etc.)
Political philosophy (namely, discussion of ideal states)
Esoteric and far-right authors (Miguel Serrano, Julius Evola, Savitri Devi, Marc Augier (aka Saint-Loup), etc.)
World mythologies (Germanic, Greek, Vedic, Egyptian, etc.)
Magic (astral projection, alchemy, etc.)
Hollow Earth
Et cetera

The same year that I traveled to Antarctica, looking for the secret entrance to the Hollow Earth, Admiral Richard Byrd of North America went to the North Pole or "True North" as we put it ... The surface on the inside of the Earth has continents, seas, forests, mountains, and rivers inhabited by a superior race that moved there in ancient remote times directly related to the Hyperborean legends. Their technology is light years ahead of ours. This superior race maintains contact with selected people on the surface of the Earth.
Miguel Serrano
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