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This thread is for everything /study/ related.

Im going to start of by teaching you guys how to get journals for free, have you ever been in this situation?
>get assignment from prof
>gotta research x,y,z
>google scholar, "x,y,z"
>jstor, elsivier, springer each wanna charge you U$D10-25 to get the paper from them
>RM100/journal and you need at least 7+ for your assignment to be considered good
So how are you going to make the money to get the paper?
You dont. Fuck the gatekeepers. The information of man should be free to all mankind.
So says former citizen of the USSR Aleksandra Elbakyan (God bless her).

Follow the steps In the following post to learn how to become Prometheus and steal the fire.
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I assume its just a decoration, search up her name and try to find more about the location if you want to. Im trying to post a thread for my fellow students
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Oh sure, blame me when you're the one posting non euclidean thots
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As I was saying before, once you have an idea of what you want to research, search your favorite journal aggregate for something that matches your search. I use Google Scholar because its easy and even gives you the citations.
Sometimes you click on it and get the .pdf for free in <1s so lucky you if that .
Other times you get directed to one of the “big academia” gatekeeper’s sites
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There you will often find a DOI code, looks like this: 10.123/xyz
The last digits change as they are the code to refer to the paper youre looking for
Copy the DOI and paste it into Sci-hub, hit unlock
Sci-hub's current url is https://sci-hub.st/ but this is subject to change as big companies try to take their sites down. Use your brain in trying to find where they pop up next.
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It may appear on your browser and you have to download it manually or in my case here it just downloaded for me directly. I dont know what causes it. Another issue I have is it sometimes just redirects me back to the page I got the DOI from. Dont know how to overcome that.
If you followed my steps exactly and it still doesn’t work or you come to the same problem i mentioned above, idk I cant help you, doesn’t work for me sometimes too and I just go find a different paper to refer off.
Good luck out there scholars. Do not commit sudoku.

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