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Bad company corrupts good character.

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I hope you are all comfortable and polite in this thread, things are getting realy crazy out there so it's good to be prepared.

While prepping for total collapse is one thing, you should start small and prepare for the little things. If a storm or some other unforseen occurrence should happen to knock out your local power, it might be wise to invest in battery packs to address this issue, solar panels may assist, but are expensive and do not produce relative to zogcoins anything worth using in my opinion. Precharged battery battery packs are also good for helping you start your car when you are a distance away from home as well so I recommend having one.
Some will recommend generators, but I find those to be a very heavy tool to a light problem. After all, you don't need much power to function some radios and a lappy.

Similarly, many things are a matter of opportunity and I recommend that if for some reason it ever becomes necessary, you carry around a set of bolt cutters in your vehicle, as I recently found out with an incident at work, they are very handy to have and can get you out of different kinds of trouble. I am unaware of any decent bolt cutters you can take hiking with you, but surely some solution exists. Similarly, a one handed saw with a blade for metal should work just as well if you need access somewhere through the gate, although a portable rotosaw should work just as well. So be sure to carry them with you if you anticipate somebody losing their keys.

In terms of cleaning up your neighbourhood, pool cleaning and janitorial supplies are all very handy stores to become familiar with, but make sure to pay cash and vary your purchases. Sometimes, it might even be useful to purchase household goods if you are on a trip a distance away from home.

All of this has been said before, but it is always nice to have a reminder, so furthermore, I hope this will be a wonderful thread for you.
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First for the God of Hatred. First for eternal carnage. First for spilling enemy blood until it rains down from the sky.
2nd for normalizing walking on roads because murderbowl started and you are on patrol
Wrong board sillies.